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The “Kayak & Canoe Challenger” Program is a system created and developed by Bob Bellas to teach people to be efficient in the art of kayaking or canoeing, and to be confident to handle any situation they may be confronted with while enjoying the sport, in the shortest period of time reasonable.

 This is accomplished by taxing the individual’s physical and mental capacities at the same time.  By doing so this creates situations that force the person to take charge, institute a great amount of teamwork and be willing to take orders from another even if he or she may feel that the other person is inferior to themselves.  This taxing process creates a new stimulus in their brain, which can be recalled automatically or at will when one needs the information.

 Through a series of organized games and exercises, by which the participants are having so much fun they don’t even realize what they are learning, they become very proficient at the various skills needed to accomplish the goals of the program.

 A beautiful certificate suitable for framing is awarded to each individual who successfully completes all the requirements of the “Kayak & Canoe Challenger” Program. 

The “Kayak & Canoe Challenger” program has been taught to youth high adventure camps, staff people for various summer camps, scouting groups, YMCA, etc. 

 Participants should be at least 11 years old to adult and in reasonable physical condition.

 Your group or organization should be prepared to spend one full day on and in, the water for the program.


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